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Canada is one of the world's best tourist destinations to visit. Diverse geography, rich history, culture, architecture, and friendly people make Canada an inspiring place to visit and explore.


Not many countries in the world have so many natural wonders as Canada. Each province is different and characterized by a unique beauty. Canada's most popular tourist spots are Toronto, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary & Canadian Rockies, and Niagara Falls.


There are also many other hidden gems to explore, national parks, and over 20 World Heritage sites, including Nahanni National Park, one of the oldest.


What Is Needed To Visit Canada?


Good planning is necessary before you visit Canada. One of the first and most important things is getting an eTA, an electronic visa permit required to travel to Canada.


The electronic travel authorization, or eTA, involves a pre-screening process of travelers who wish to visit Canada for business or travel purposes or transition through the country.


This system is in place since 2016 and was introduced to help foreign citizens from certain countries to avoid the often time-consuming and complicated process of obtaining a visa through Canadian embassies.


eTA to Canada - get more information on to find out more and receive your permit quickly!


eTA makes travel more comfortable and more straightforward, and it is also a cheaper way to get a visa permit than getting a traditional visa. Processing time for obtaining eTA is a maximum of three days.


Once accepted, eTA is valid for five full years, and you can stay in the country for up to 6 months per trip. Whether you are looking to visit Canada as a tourist on holiday, for business purposes, or to visit relatives or friends – Canada's eTA is the way to go.


Major Attractions To See 


           Visiting Toronto in Ontario is a must for anyone that wants to experience a unique vacation. This bustling city is full of all types of attractions you could imagine – fine arts, dining, sports, museums, shopping, music scene, landmarks; Toronto has everything.


Check out antique stores, lovely restaurants, visit parks, or wander on the streets of this charming city. 


           Old Quebec is another top attraction to see. It is the oldest city in North America, characterized by unique architecture. You will get a feeling like you are visiting a completely new country.


Rich in history, culture, art, architecture, and heritage all make Old Quebec a fantastic place to stay. Visit the famous Château Frontenac, enjoy the popular winter carnival, or have a leisure walk on the old cobblestone streets. 


           Visiting Niagara Falls is ideal for those that wish to spend a relaxing family holiday or go on a romantic break. Regardless of the season, the region around Niagara Falls has plenty of entertainment options, lovely sightseeing spots, and offers other great activities. 


Bottom Line 


           We can conclude that Canada has plenty to offer to satisfy any visitor – from cosmopolitan cities and beautiful mountains to impressive rocky mountains, excellent winding roads, and lovely national parks. It is the ultimate tourist destination to visit, so make your plans and visit beautiful Canada. 

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