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Who's Yer Man? About Jonny Blair...

Hello! Hi! Hola! Bout ye!
Thanks for visiting my website Travelling Northern Ireland flag. I'm Jonny Blair, your host for this journey. I'm a wandering Northern Irishman and have an absolute passion for people, places, travel, beer, football and Northern Ireland. Sometimes all at the same time...

I grew up in the seaside city of Bangor in Northern Ireland but since leaving in 2003, I have managed to travel, work and live around the world, visiting all 7 continents and over 200 countries in the process. These journeys are what makes me tick. Every day should be different. Life is an adventure. All my travel stuff is now on my online travel blog, called Don't Stop Living !

When I first left Northern Ireland all those years ago, the first thing I put up in my new flat was my Northern Ireland flag. The flag known as the Ulster Banner and the flag that I personally class as the Northern Ireland flag. We are a small and proud country. Some people think we are part of the Republic of Ireland. Some people know we are part of the United Kingdom. Some people think we are a separate country. Some people in Northern Ireland don't want it to exist. And everyone has their opinion on it. I'm from Northern Ireland and I don't wish to be from anywhere else. I'm a self-proclaimed nationalist. I love my wee country.

I don't travel with political opinions. I travel with the flag that I believe represents me - I love the Northern Ireland flag. It's my wee country. 6 counties. 1 amazing capital city called Belfast and from our wee country we have a lot of things to be proud of:

- Tayto Cheese and Onion Crisps

- The Titanic (it sank but we didn't put the iceberg there!)

- Van Morrison (come on admit you've danced to 'Brown Eyed Girl' before!)

- George Best (Pele said he was the best football player ever)

- The Giant's Causeway

- Bushmills Whiskey

- Alex Higgins and Dennis Taylor (we kicked ass at snooker)

- Rory McIlroy, Graeme McDowell, Darren Clarke (we kick ass at golf)

- Boxing legends like Wayne McCullough, Barry McGuigan and Carl Frampton (OK so Barry is from the ROI but he loves Norn Iron!)

This is just my journey with my flag. The most asked question I get on my travels is: What flag is that?

And I proudly tell them - it's my flag - it's the flag of my country - Norn Iron as we say back in Northern Ireland.


Travelling Northern Ireland Flag is also on Facebook!!


I am now based in Poland and recovering from depression,

Keep er lit yousens,

Jonny Blair (Don't Stop Living)

PS - If you want to read about my other travel stuff check out my extensive travel, work and lifestyle site, Don't Stop Living as well my Crossing World Borders advice. And if you want to save some cash when you're travelling, don't forget to use Groupon vouchers along the way.

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