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The world has changed a lot in the last 18 months since the COVID-19 virus hit us all. As a global long term whackpacker, tourist and blogger, I was already on 188 real countries when the madness kickadayed in. The last country I was in outside of Poland was The Netherlands. Before that, it was Angola, Namibia and South Africa. I have been single on most of my journeys. It was always a great way to meet girls in bars and on travels, but COVID-19 has made us go online. A lot of dating options are now online and it means we now need to explore new avenues to find love. Here are a few of the dating options in San Diego in the United States of America.

1.Personal Dating Websites in San Diego

You can go onto Google and find many websites about dating, but you really need one that tailors to your needs. If you are based in San Diego, a good option is San Diego Personals. As you can tell, this website is simple and easy to use. You simply write about yourself - who you are - gender, age, sexuality, hobbies etc. and then you try to find someone to match up with, to go on a date with. Someone to chat to. You never know where it could lead - perhaps that husband or wife will be found so easily online here.

2.Mobile Telephone Apps

There are some very famous global dating apps for mobile telephones these days, you can downoad them on your Samsung phone. There is one that you can download very easily to your phone. Once you set up your account with a photo, your age and what you are looking for, you can then match up with other members of the app. Some of these apps have even led to sex, marriage and children, so they are more than just a dating app. One downside of such apps however is that they are still not San Diego specific so it looks at global needs rather than focusing only on your region. Although in fairness it usually matches you up with locals based on working out your location.

3.Speed Dating at Events

If dating apps are not for you - why not try another technique - speed dating. These happen less often now due to COVID but you can still find a few of them. You might be wondering what Speed Dating is all about? Basically you get 15 guys and 15 girls in a room. None of them known each other at the start. Each girl sits at a separate table, with one free seat at each table. Then the guys basically get 5 minutes with each girl, until they have had a "5 minute date" with each of the 15 girls. How does it work at the end? Basically you tick the girls or guys you want to see again and then they match you up and off you go - you can meet again for a second date - who knows where it might lead.


4.San Diego Dating Websites

As well as the afforementioned San Diego dating website, there are also many up and coming websites dedicated to dating in San Diego. These style of sites can be excellent. 




While the virus continues to dominate the world, I hope it won't be long until we are out and about around the world again, travelling with my flag and visiting many and various bars to find new friends and new love in.

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