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On my travels I love to collect memorabilia along the way. As a traveller who carries my own national flag, it's always fun to see other countries and meet up with fellow nationalists with their flags. I'm a Northern Irish nationalist of course but I love all countries who are nationalist and proud of themselves and as such I attempt to collect the following souvenirs from everywhere I go:

1.Passport Stamps
Of course my passports are whampacked full of stamps and I love it. I even got stamps in countries such as Uzupis, Podjistan and Nagorno Karabakh. I hate countries that don't actually have passport stamps or borders. Once you lose your identity and pride, you lose all sense of nationalism and diversity from the neighbours. I love countries to be different and I despise those who clone each other and look the same.

2.Travel Stickers
For those with big suitcases, of course travel stickers might be a great idea. You can basically buy stickers from every city or country you visit and stick them on your suitcase. Or your bedroom door, or a mirror, or on a wardrobe or on a guiter or anywhere really. The travel stickers have no limits.

3.Football Shirts
Of course it is obvious that I support Northern Ireland but my other teams are AFC Bournemouth and Glentoran FC. Around the world, I have also collected random football shirts and indeed my collection includes a Hong Kong, Brazil, Uruguay, Guatemala, Netherlands, Australia and Cameroon shirt. Next up are club shirts and I own them for Legia Warszawa, Tai Po, Millwall FC and a few other random ones down the years. Next I want a Klub :Pilkarski Starogard Gdanski shirt.

4.Fridge Magnets

I always collect fridge magnets on my travels, but not for me! I buy them everywhere I go and then I give them to my Mum so she can place them on her fridge. However, in the last brace of years my Mum moved house and fridge and now her new fridge doesn't even have metal on it so they no longer stick, but she still gets a fridge magnet from every new place and they go in a box instead now. As well as custom fridge magnets, you can get custom magnets. In the end, it's always nice to have a souvenir to keep rather than a memory in your head which will disappear.

Safe travels and happy collecting!

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